RedFox is the most advanced and customisable ransomware you've ever seen. It is one of the best money making scheme out here. RedFox uses BlowFish encryption to encrypt all available files on the victim's hard disk and shared drives except .exe, .dll, .sys, other system files. During encryption RedFox will generate unique BlowFish key for each file and then encrypt the keys further with RSA-2048 encryption and will send victim's system information back to the command-and-control center. The Command-and-control center allows you to set the ramsomware warning time duration, ransom amount, ransom message, payment mode and also allow decrypting the files on the victim system after payment is received. The victim's computer is not completely blocked as some other ransomwares, it just opens a popup allowing the victim to access their browser to buy Bitcoins and sent to the address indicated. RedFox is a cheap and easy to manage ransomware developed by SigmaTeam. It's meant to be really easy to use. You can also use binders, packers and crypters. RedFox can communicate with command-and-control center over Tor. RedFox is editable and you can change your own amount and bitcoin address. You can manage your victims through the command-and-control center window using filters, creating groups and also generate PDF reports with relevant statistics, charts and maps.


RedFox will also add a startup key on the Windows registry and then show a GUI telling the user that the files were encrypted and giving your email address so the user can get in touch. Every 2 hours, a random file is permanently deleted, to hurry up the victim. A countdown to the next delete, as well as the last file deleted and a count of how many files were deleted so far will be shown to the victim. Time limit will ends in 96 hours and the user will not be able to get the files back anymore. You can also enable or disable the countdown timer and set how much time you want to delete random files as well as how many files are deleted on every interval, to hasten the victim to pay the ransom faster.


The coolest RedFox feature is that, instead of paying huge servers costs monthly, we present you the "Bridges". Bridges are the way victims and attacker enters in touch in a distributed network. Bridges store the clients keys, verify payments and provide the victims informations to the command-and-control center safely. And they can be hosted on nearly any server, even hacked servers, shared hosting, dedicated or VPS. As the bitcoin payment verification is done on the server side, by the bridge, there is no way to spoof it on the victim machine. Also, the randomly-generated decryption keys for each victim are also kept on the bridges and there is no way of recovering it without paying. The distributed Bridges network will grant you a better anonymity.


You can spread RedFox through popup offers like free music, movies, plugins, lotteries, fake anti-virus software and email spamming. With RedFox you will also have the option to have it USB auto installable with time frame. Meaning, you can install it on a portable USB and it will automatically boot and start encrypting files after a give time frame.


RedFox is fully autonomous with autodetected Bitcoin payments. Just spread and wait for the money to come. By buying RedFox, you'll receive an all-in-one kit that will allow you to make unlimited builds. You will get the full source code of the RedFox and PDF guides on how to use it. Your only concern will be where to go next holiday.




• Autodetected Bitcoin Payments

• Auto Spread

• Change Process Name

• Change Ransom Amount

• Command-and-control Center

• Countdown Timer

• Delete All Restore Points

• Detects VM, Sandbox And Debugger Environments

• Disable Regedit

• Disable Safe Boot

• Disable Shutdown

• Disable Task Manager

• Edit File Icon

• Empty Recycle Bin

• Enable USB Infection

• Files On External Media Also Encrypted

• Full Lifetime License

• Fully Undetectable

• Generate PDF Reports

• GEO Map

• Hide RedFox Files

• Master Boot Record Exploit

• Military Grade Encryption

• Multi Language

• No Dependency

• Payment Page Link

• Quick File Encryption

• Real Time Ticket Support System For Victims

• Secure File Erase

• Statistics

• Text To Speech

• UAC Exploit

• Unlimited Builds

• Weekly Updates



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